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  • what you will learn with us

    Martial Arts, Movement and Spirituality to help you live a life of meaning and joy

    Deenway Dojo® is a traditional school of martial arts adapted for the modern world. Our curriculum will help you be more effective in all aspects of your life by training you to develop your mind, body and spirit in a holistic way based on teachings handed down over the centuries from master to student.



    Attend any or all of our classes in


    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & MovNat Combatives

    for Self Defence and Self Protection


    Natural Movement Training 

    for Strength, Fitness & Mobility


    Traditional Martial Arts & Budo Training 

    for a Strong Mind, Healthy Body and Advanced Techniques for Self Protection


    Islamic Spirituality 

    to Nourish the Soul and Live a Happy Life

    BJJ, Combatives & Martial Skills

    for self defence and real life effectiveness

    Traditional Martial Arts & Budo

    for Refining the Spirit and taming the ego

    Islamic Spirituality

    to nourish the Soul and connect to the Divine

    Natural Movement

    to be physically strong and healthy in the real world

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    self defence for real life

    brazilian jiu jitsu NOT MMA

    The quickest way to real life readiness. Learn to protect yourself and your loved ones through the original most effective techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as developed and tested by the elders of the Gracie family; refined and adapted by Deenway Dojo for the modern world taking into account the philosophy and mindset for survival, NOT the modern sport of MMA.

    image: Master Rickson Gracie demonstrating a BJJ self defence technique

    © JJGF

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    self defence for real life

    ninja mindset & tactics

    A lot of confusion exists around the "Ninja". Were they real? Who were they? Did they have secret abilities? Historically the shinobi no mono ('ninja') exploited ambiguity about who they were and what they did. This was part of their survival strategy.

    Quietness, secrecy, single minded determination, adaptation, stoicism and great technical skill were what made them a formidable force. This is what you will learn at Deenway Dojo in the context of survival and also in overcoming obstacles in life in order to achieve your highest aspirations.

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    refining the spirit and mind

    traditional MARTIAL ARTS

    Discover the calming and spiritual effects of Archery-an art as old as man himself. Explore traditional forms of swordsmanship using wooden bokken, staffs and other weapons. Experiment with tactical and strategic approaches of the samurai and other warriors of old in armed and unarmed combat. Reflect on the teachings of great masters like Musashi Miyamoto and others from Japanese and non-Japanese traditions. In our approach to the study of traditional martial arts we seek to explore the essence of the meaning of budo as understood in our particular school's approach at Deenway Dojo.

  • Develop physical strength for the real world

    Natural movement training that gives you the strength to help others

    background video: courtesy of Movnat®

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    Nourishing the soul, connecting to the divine

    islamic spirituality

    "You think you are a small thing, but within you is the entire universe and all that it contains." 

    These words attributed to the great sunni scholar, jurist and ascetic, Imam Shafi' (d. 820 CE) urge us to reflect on the majesty and beauty of the creation around us and within us.

    In our exploration of spirituality we learn to nourish our soul, cultivate love and gratitude for the Divine and become a force for good in the Universe. All this comes from the essence of Islamic teachings, transmitted from teacher to student, from men and women from the time of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) to this very day. It is also the essence of the message of the Holy Qur'an.

  • accreditations

    Deenway Dojo® is a registered member of Master Rickson Gracie's Global Jiu Jitsu Federation as an Educational Unit, and is an official community provider of Movnat® Natural Movement fitness and combatives classes

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    Jiu Jitsu Global Federation Educational Unit

    MovNat LLC

    Official Licensed Facility

    MovNat UK

    Official Licensed Facility


    November 2021-December 2021


    Grappling Skills for Self Defence (BJJ Combatives)



    Strength & Conditioning (Calisthenics and Kettlebells)



    Natural Movement (Outdoors)



    Natural Movement (MovNat)



    MovNat Combatives



    Strength & Conditioning (MovNat Metabolic)




    Natural Movement (MovNat)



    Grappling Skills for Self Defence (BJJ Combatives)



    Islamic Spirituality/Meditation*


    *open to all members and their families (no need to count this session in your weekly class quota)

    Qur'an Rectation, Sacred Text Reading, Q&A, Group Prayer (dhikr)
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    Any 1 Class per Week

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    Mix and Match Classes

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    Any 2 Classes per Week

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    Mix and Match Classes

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    Unlimited Classes per Week

    access the entire curriculum


    per month

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    Learn the Complete System

    Fastest Progress

    Exclusive Weekly Budo Classes

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